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So I want to get to hold space for both of those things and both those experiences. Yes! Actor, writer, and social justice advocate Brandon Kyle Goodman has emerged in the entertainment industry as a powerful force with a voice to be reckoned with. Wednesday, September 28, 2022. The "yawn" creates depth and natural movement to best envelop the phallus into a welcoming and stimulating environment. Brandon Kyle Goodman 's newly published You Gotta Be You: How to Embrace This Messy Life and Step Into Who You Really Are is much more than an advice book. Tell us what's wrong with this post? But just maybe don't have the sound on if you are at work. Through humorous, honest, and autobiographical storytelling, Goodman explores his relationship to race, sexuality, gender, and their intersections. And I do think that theres still value in some of the content that does exist. And so there is a feeling that I felt personally inside of those white queer spaces where there is a performance that you're expected to do. And so the performance of queerness or all those isms really gets credited to white gay people. Advocate on your favorite social platforms!Facebook Their new book, "You Gotta Be You," is an ode to shaking off the expectations of others and tossing out the boxes that society nudges us all into. 1. However, his work would turn into Big Mouth, where he is a voice actor. The 2023 NFL Draft has wrapped -- but the team-building process continues with the signing of undrafted rookie free agents. There are some people who love being the token. There arent a ton of shows led by Black queer folks and that have nothing to do with our trauma, but rather our joy in our existence. I can't say that on NPR. They dont always do it, but my hope is that more and more people will take that stance. Hello. Like, yas. For me, being a Black queer teenager in a lot of cis, het, white spaces was traumatizing. Google Calendar ICS. Or you see our fashion. But one thing I know about my community, our community, is that we are strong, were fighters, and were not gonna back down. GOODMAN: Before we met, I did. And I think Carl is part of it. It required him to reexamine messy but ultimately defining moments in his lifehis first time being followed in a store, navigating his mothers born-again Christian faith, and regretfully using soap as lube (yes, you read that right! That means so much. Goodman got his start as a writer on Big Mouths staff and voices its queer lovebug character Walter, first introduced in Season 5. I'm writing on the show and also voicing a new creature named Walter, and all I can tell you is I adore Walter. He did not know that would turn into something like a spinoff called Human Resources in which he physical acts. I interviewed with them a couple times and then I got the job and I ended up becoming a voice on the show which was super exciting, and I started a mentorship program. And I don't think we say it enough. Have they been protected? I say, go to the mat for people, really pull back the curtain. GOODMAN: Thank you so much. CHANG: That is the work. On there, we tackle racist moments that happen between loved ones, colleagues, friends, and discuss why the moment was problematic, then bring the couple together to have an insightful, sometimes painful, but very honest conversation in hopes that it will help them move forward. NPR's Ailsa Chang chats with Brandon Kyle Goodman about their book You Gotta Be You: How to Embrace This Messy Life and Step Into Who You Really Are. Goodman, who uses he/they pronouns, then worked to find ways to affirm their manhood after being labelled feminine as a boy, including by a family patriarch. GOODMAN: Before we met, I did. If I can continue to exist and stand in my truth and put out the work that means the most to me, then theres that representation of somebody whos non-binary and whos Black and who uses they/them pronouns. He had more to learn, and he was ready to take the world by storm but not until he learned what he wanted to know. For Brandon Kyle Goodman, performing always felt like a natural extension of the self. As a nonbinary person, Goodman does not define himself as either gender. I think we still see that Black people and Black queer folks specifically were valued when were entertaining. Actor, writer, and activist Brandon Kyle Goodman says, Hell no it aint! CHANG: When in life did you decide that what you wanted to do through your art, through your personality - what you wanted to do was to help people learn to love themselves more? I hope we will eradicate tokenismand instead, we will be valued and have our stories set the standard. Just to be able to like name the experience and hold space for two truths, as I said, my source of my greatest inspiration and my greatest pain. CHANG: When it came to being both Black and gay, there was something that you wrote that really stuck with me. From his horndog Hormone Monster to the incessant Anxiety Mosquito, Nick (Nick Kroll) has been plagued by plenty . And I was always kind of being told by, you know, classmates, by teachers, by - even at home to, like, butch up, to be more of a man - like, this - perform at masculinity, which is very confusing GOODMAN: To a 5-year-old. That means so much. And so there is a feeling that I felt personally inside of those white queer spaces where there is a performance that you're expected to do. All rights reserved. What is it like working on the new show Human Resources? Cool with it like he was into it or, like, cool with it like, [expletive] happens? I guess I think my response is my work, as opposed to responding directly to whatever the hate is. EXCLUSIVE : Brandon Kyle Goodman, an actor, writer and activist who hit on a career breakthrough as part of the team behind Netflix's . GOODMAN: Yes, that's the work. I pivoted and a little bit and started to say, How can I talk about my experiences and what Ive been through and my Black queer identity and kind use that to inspire other people to live their authentic lives?. When youre like, Oh wow, these things that happened, I never named them, I never processed them fully. Thats the other piece about the book. Innocence Project works to free innocent people who remain incarcerated, while also working to bring reform to the system that wrongfully put them there in the first place. Like CHANG: So you say when you were younger, you never thought you could be as attractive as a white man. Television has not always been an affirming place for Black queer voices, but Brandon Kyle Goodman is changing that one punch line at a time. Aidy Bryant, Randall Park, Keke Palmer, David Thewlis, Brandon Kyle Goodman, Maya Rudolph and Nick Kroll star. There is value in Big Mouth existing, there is value in Sex Education existing. Hes active enough that he is live once a week to discuss things that are on his mind. I mean, growing up, especially as queer people, you latch onto the Disney villains because they are the most queer. The first season is available for streaming now at Netflix. I really appreciate it. And we get to hold multiple truths. Her writing gained recognition and since 2009, she's written for sites such as What to Expect, Where'd My Sanity Go, and dozens more. I had written a script that my agent at the time submitted and they responded to. Brandon Kyle Goodman; their new book "You Gotta Be You", (L to R) Brandon Kyle Goodman as Walter the Love Bug and Aidy Bryant as Emmy the Love Bug in, Former ABC News/Disney Exec Marie Nelson Named Hot Docs Fest President, Giorgios Nightclub Is Back, Opening May 13 at Hollywoods Grandmaster Recorders (Exclusive), Lenny Kravitz Is the Newest Face of Jaeger-LeCoultre, Lisson Gallery Debuts First Los Angeles Outpost in Buzzy Sycamore District, You Gotta Be You: How to Embrace This Messy Life and Step Into Who You Really Are, Netflix to End 'Big Mouth' After Season 8, When Sam Shepard Met Bob Dylan: Sex, Drugs and a Clash of Egos on the Rolling Thunder Tour, Black Women on Broadway Awards Set Return Date; Some Like It Hot, Six the Musical Stars Among Honorees (Exclusive), Ali Wong, Ke Huy Quan, Sandra Oh, Stephanie Hsu Among Honorees at Gold Houses Inaugural Gold Gala, A Less Outrageous and Costume-y Met Gala? And there are a lot of people that make up Big Mouth and that make up Netflix. Nothing is black and white. Things that centered me as a Black queer person. Goodman became one of those individuals. I also get to knowledge that the experience I am having, because of how I look, because of how I present, is that of a Black man. He's also the person behind two podcasts: Do the Work, which focuses on race and relationships, and Black Folx, a conversation series focused on Black personalities and authentic experiences. Each episode is an intimate conversation between two people who know each other well family, old friends, lovers or colleagues. And so for anyone who does the same, theres a reflection of that as opposed to getting into a fight with somebody who just may want the clicks, may not have been doing their mental health work, may be on their own bullshit. Like the title of his podcast, Goodman does the work he speaks of. But just maybe don't have the sound on if you are at work. Always fighting to be seen as human, assomeone with a full life that is complicated, nuanced, flawed, joyful, painful, messy, and aspirational. GOODMAN: That's a really beautiful question. Brandon Kyle Goodman reprises their role from Big Mouth Season 5. NPR transcripts are created on a rush deadline by an NPR contractor. How could we improve it? Your best friend who, sometimes youve got to hold the hair back because they drink a little too much. When did that hit you that that's what your purpose is? But then you always realize that you're not like them GOODMAN: And that you're also - if you are approaching it from that angle where you're not whole and you're lacking, then you are, I think, unconsciously or subconsciously, excusing bad behavior from those white men where you become a racial prop. CHANG: I was going to ask you, how much have you evolved away? No, in 2020, when everything happened withBlack Lives Matter and George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, I had a bunch of videos that actually went viral and I kind of built this following. That means so much. And then you trick yourself into thinking that they are. Take a look at seven reasons why Goodman is the rising face of comedy below. Not excuse it with the other shows, but actually say, Yeah, good job over here, but also lets talk about this particular thing. And I think there needs to be more of that. Puberty always feels like something you survive, but I never considered how much it shaped who I became. My therapist, a white woman, looked at me with such horror, and I can only describe my reaction as I "woke up." A force to be reckoned with, Brandon Kyle Goodman moves through the industry fearlessly, ready to challenge the narrative of what it means to be both Black and queer. Her writing has allowed her to visit NYC for Fashion Week events since 2015, and she's worked with clients in almost every field, from dentistry to law and family to entertainment. That's my hope. It is also an engaging an Ask Me Anything for anyone who may have questions about identifying asnon-binary, the distinctions between sex, gender and gender expression,and how all of those things can intersect. "Hot Priest" (from Fleabag) who was magic. The biggest lesson I've learned is that I am my grandmother's child. I think thereve been some shifts, but its still a lot of lip service. GOODMAN: Thank you so much. Because were all fans of these comedians, weve all grown up on them, they obviously influence our comedy. Goodman is a New Yorker. My activism is rooted in education, empathy, joy, and mental health. BKGY is an abbreviation for the infamous "Brandon Kyle Goodman Yawn." It is an erotic technique founded by Brandon Kyle Goodman, Instagram influencer and writer on Big Mouth, meant to improve the depth, performance and impact of a traditional BJ. I dont find value in arguing or engaging with that. CHANG: Well, I want to end on a pretty basic but important question. My husband is white, and luckily I've worked through my stuff before. But inside of that business are people. You Gotta Be You: How to Embrace This Messy Life and Step Into Who You Really Are is available now. This has been amazing. I think there are times when you have to, and I want to pick those moments really specifically. A lot of times our language, our fashion, our style, everything, is in the zeitgeist, but were never protected or credited. And it's like, no, baby, I'm a whole person. In terms of the whole Big Mouth universe, I joined Big Mouth in season four. I know that to the outside this all could look raunchy, but to me, its activism because sex positivity and talking about how much shame there is around sex is super-important, and I wanted to create a safe space to do that, he said. But then you always realize that you're not like them GOODMAN: And that you're also - if you are approaching it from that angle where you're not whole and you're lacking, then you are, I think, unconsciously or subconsciously, excusing bad behavior from those white men where you become a racial prop. Understanding the complexity of both, he uses his voice in unique ways to educate others on topics only someone like him could truthfully share. All Rights Reserved. Going Live: Every week, Mr. Goodman goes live on Instagram to answer questions about queer sex. 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